Thousands of people are protesting Donald Trump's 'Muslim ban' at American airports, and a New Zealand rocker is amongst them.

Bradley Carter, best known as the lead guitarist for Steriogram, is one of many taking part in protests in solidarity with the Muslim community.

The guitarist filmed the protest at LAX Airport in Los Angeles on behalf of NZH Focus.

"There's people upstairs and downstairs. They are letting us on the road every half an hour for fifteen minutes.


"People are going to stay here around the clock until they let them go."

The protestors fire off chants that have become common with these protests, including "Love not hate makes America great" and "Say it loud and say it clear, refugees are welcome here".

The protests are in response to executive order that President Trump signed on Friday, banning travel from seven Muslim majority countries.

The bill caused chaos at airports as people who had been in the air when the bill was signed were detained upon arrival by border patrol agents.

Carter, who has been LA based for several years now, says at the start of the video he believes about 17 people were being held at LAX.

At the end of the video, an exhausted Carter has some good news as he heads home for the night.

"There are no detainees at LAX anymore, and everyone is pretty happy about that"

He then shows a shot of the many signs left behind by protestors, revealing they will be picked up again tomorrow to keep it going.

"I don't think it's going to end any time soon. It's a weird and sad time."