Opera singers Sol3 Mio have been forced to postpone their Hawaii concert, after Canadian authorities lost Amitai Pati's passport.

Pene Pati and Moses Mackay made it to Hawaii, but Amitai remains trapped in Vancouver.

Pene and Moses took to Instagram to apologise to fans, and promise the concert would eventually go ahead.

"There's no easy way to say this, but we are down one singer," Pene told fans in the video.


"His visa was approved and everything, but they've lost his passport.

"So he cannot travel at all, back to America, or to Hawaii, or to New Zealand, he's literally stranded."

Pene and Moses couldn't help but laugh as they talked about Amitai's predicament.

He was apparently dressed in a shorts and singlet for tropical Hawaii, and is now stuck in his summer clothes while trapped in snowy Vancouver.

"He thought he was coming here, now he's freezing," Moses said.

"Cheers Trump. That's why he's stuck there."

Sol3 Mio have emphasised that the show is only postponed, not cancelled.