Having recently added seven million new subscribers, Netflix is riding high, and if its new movie is anything to go by, it seems it has a license to do anything.

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the streaming giant has nabbed the exclusive rights for a new Ben Stiller-produced movie, The Eggplant Emoji.

The title comes from the actual eggplant emoji on smart phones, which has been used by certain members of society to represent the human penis.

The movie comes from Kevin Burrows and Matt Mider, creators of the animated webseries Gentlemen Lobsters, and will also be produced by the stars of Comedy Central's Workaholics.


While there are no stars currently attached, there is a plot synopsis, and it's certainly something.

THR reports that the movie will follow what happens when a teenager has his penis accidentally cut off during a camping trip, forcing him and his friends to try and save it.

They describe that it is meant to be similar to the Seth Rogen movie Superbad, "something that focused on friendship but throbbed with insane situations and R-rated language".

Kyle Newacheck, who plays Karl on Workaholics, will direct the movie, which five studios were competing for.

It is the latest producer credit for Stiller. Recent projects by his company, Red Hour, include Zoolander 2 and Why Him?, both of which were slammed by critics.

You may absolute hate this idea, but next time your watching The Crown or House of Cards, remember this is all our fault for making them successful.