If you are still feeling a little blue after Donald Trump's inauguration last weekend, we may have found the perfect antidote.

The clever person behind YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading has put together an ... interpretation of the day's events.

The infamous present to Michelle has been reinterpreted with Melania presenting her with pretzels, while Barack Obama and his successor reveal their hatred for each other.

It also imagines a world where Trump was about to throw up as he prepared to be inaugurated, and calls for all his followers to join him at his new restaurant 'the Brown Lady'.


In case you're not familiar with BLR, it's an anonymous person who dubs TV shows, films or footage from news events with hilarious results.

When asked why they insisted on anonymity, the person behind Bad Lip Reading had this to say to the NY Times:

"I work in several different areas, and I like to keep those areas separate. At least for the time being. So, staying anonymous helps in that sense.

"But the anonymity thing is something that just interests me in general. I actually have quite a few anonymous or pseudonymous projects out there, some of them predating Bad Lip Reading by several years. It's fascinating to watch these things grow and spread on their own. It's an interesting social experiment."

Past videos have included reinterpretations of Star Wars, The Avengers and Beyoncé.