Eccentric sitcom star Charlie Sheen got more than 20 minutes of radio airtime during an interview with Aussie radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O this morning - and didn't he just make the most of it.

Speaking to the KIIS 1065 pair from his Los Angeles home, the former Two And a Half Men actor used the interview as an excuse to stick the boot into old foes, hurling just about every insult known to man at those in his bad books.

It seems Sheen is still very much smarting over his dramatic axing from Two And a Half Men some six years ago amid a much-publicised meltdown.

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"I made four billion for that studio, and I got fired," Sheen told the radio hosts, referring to CBS and Warner Brothers, who terminated his contract as his spiralling personal problems made headlines.

Charlie Sheen still has hard feelings about being kicked off Two and a Half Men. Photo / Supplied
Charlie Sheen still has hard feelings about being kicked off Two and a Half Men. Photo / Supplied

And Sheen certainly hasn't mended his long-running feud with the show's creator, Chuck Lorre.

"The most ridiculous impostor, Chuck Lorre, I hope you're listening. Hey Chuck: Suck my f**king butt," Sheen announced.

The actor said that, in the midst of his personal problems, Lorre had phoned him to ask if he was trying to sabotage the hit show.

"What I should've said is, 'Dude, when you're done touching it, suck it!'," he said, before directing a few more F-bombs Lorre's way.

Charlie Sheen with his Two and a Half Men co-star Jon Cryer. Photo / Supplied
Charlie Sheen with his Two and a Half Men co-star Jon Cryer. Photo / Supplied

Sheen then got sidetracked, mentioning Radar Online journalist Dylan Howard, who initially reported his HIV diagnosis.

"Hey Dylan if you're listening, yeah motherf**er you are on my radar. Douche, douche," he announced, at which point Jackie O jumped in.

"I think our censor's having a heart attack ..." she said.

Sheen explained that, before his Two and A Half Men contract was terminated, studio execs offered him use of a company jet to fly him straight to rehab.

"I said, 'The f**k you are. You're not flying anyone anywhere.' I said, 'I have other plans. See that blonde behind the door? Yeah.'"

"I'm doin' her and her friend," a cackling Sandilands chimed in.

"Ultimatums can f**kin' lick my shin. I'm so quotable ... but all I ever say is the truth," Sheen continued.

Amid the expletive-laden bragging, Sheen did offer up a few interesting bits of behind-the-scenes Hollywood gossip, revealing that two films he turned down went on to become huge hits - both for the same actor:

"I turned down White Men Can't Jump, because I can't, then I turned down Indecent Proposal. All my friends said, 'Woody Harrelson should be sending you flowers, you gave him a career.'"

But Sheen was uncharacteristically circumspect when a caller asked him about his feelings towards Ashton Kutcher, who replaced him on Two and A Half Men.

"I was stupidly mean to him, because I overlooked the difficulty of taking over a show - which I did myself, I took over Spin City when Michael J Fox was too sick. I should've been nicer. He was tasked with such an uphill struggle, and I was mired in my own ego. For that I am regretful," he admitted.

Elsewhere in the interview, an at-times erratic Sheen suggested a possible bio should he never joined Tinder - "either get under me or get over me" - and said that a sex worker who went public with a story about their time together should have known she was "paid to keep [her] mouth shut ... and at the same time open," to much laughter from Sandilands.

The infamously sexually active star also admitted that in recent years, his much-publicised HIV diagnosis had curbed his bedhopping ways.

"HIV is such a great pick-up line,' he joked.