After the success of Transparent and Tangerine, you would think that the depiction of transgender people in entertainment had taken a huge step forward.

Apparently this movie didn't get the memo.

A trailer has dropped for Michelle Rodriguez's new movie, The Assignment, where she plays mob hitman Frank Kitchen.

When he kills the brother of a sadistic surgeon, played by three-time Oscar nominee Sigourney Weaver, the surgeon kidnaps Frank and forces him to undergo gender reassignment surgery.


This very real movie then follows Kitchen as she seeks revenge against the mob and the surgeon.

"This is your opportunity for redemption," the doctor says as the trailer opens on shots of Kitchen removing her bandages and screaming "NOOOOOOO!" at the sight of her new body.

The movie comes from Walter Hill, director of The Warriors and producer of the Alien franchise, and stars Golden Globe winners Tony Shalhoub and Anthony LaPaglia, all people who seemingly thought this was a good idea.

The movie was understandably panned upon its premiere at the Toronto Film Festival last year, though has inexplicably managed 22 per cent approval from Rotten Tomatoes.

Benjamin Lee of The Guardian described it as: "Tone-deaf in every possible way and made with such haphazard indolence that it feels as if it might have been made for an ambitious dare, [The Assignment] is a sewage-stained gift for bad movie fans."

The trans community called for a boycott when the film was first announced, one they would be well justified in getting.

There is, mercifully, no New Zealand release date yet for the movie.