She's the teenage daughter of former international cricketer Shane Warne.

And now Woman's Day claims that Brooke Warne is following in her father's hard-partying footsteps, to the dismay of her mother Simone Callahan according to Daily Mail.

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According to the magazine, the 19-year-old is a "wild girl", enjoying the perks of her famous father's lifestyle while her mum wants her to focus on work and university.

"She's just like her dad - she loves to party, drink and have a good time," a close family friend told the publication.


"She can drink all her mates under the table and she's usually the last one standing," they added.

Shane, 47, recently attended the Portsea Polo and toasted to his bond with Brooke with a post on Instagram.

"But the clear winner for best on ground / MVP at the Portsea Polo was my daughter @brookewarne!!!!"

Meanwhile, at the bubbly blonde's 18th birthday in 2015, her dad joined her and her friends for Fireball shots.

"I love it, knocks your socks off," he bragged at the time.

"It was Brooke's 18th and she's like her dad. We can drink," he continued.


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According to Woman's Day, Shane's ex-wife Simone, 46, is reportedly at loggerheads with her husband and especially disappointed in him encouraging Brooke's erratic behaviour.

The publication claims the mother of three is doing her best to have her daughter focus on her studies and starting a career, despite Shane always inviting her to his parties.

"He has his celebrity friends over and she fears it's going to Brooke's head," the source allegedly told the magaziner. "She knows Brooke can't get enough of the stars at Dad's."

The renown ladies man opened up on Channel 9's Postcards recently about how he manages to maintain a close bond with his children Jackson, Brooke and Summer.

"It's hard being based on the other side of the world but being teenagers now, the good thing is they have time with me and time with their mum and they have time with their friends," he told the program.