In the fast-paced world of television, no idea or revamp is off the table and for the past few years, reboots and revivals appear to be the greatest (and easiest) option.

Netflix answered everyone's prayers last year by allowing Gilmore Girls its proper and well-deserved finale, however its ratings and final four words make it a strong contender for more episodes.

Gilmore Girls could be looking at a full reboot soon. Photo / Saeed Adyani, Netflix
Gilmore Girls could be looking at a full reboot soon. Photo / Saeed Adyani, Netflix


NBC announced just yesterday they'd be giving Will & Grace the opportunity to add another 10 episodes onto their eight season strong sitcom and revivals like Fuller House and Arrested Development thrived on the small screen for a second time.


Twin Peaks, Star Trek and Prison Break revivals are also slated for 2017.

While most of the planned revivals have gone great, some didn't do so well.

Heroes Reborn, the Heroes remake everyone hoped would satisfy their superhero hunger completely fizzled out and The Brady Bunch failed numerous times in its attempt to revive the near-flawless blended family show.

While it's been great to see what all of our favourite TV characters are up to years later, here's the revivals we're really wishing for.


Few remember this show was almost cancelled after its first season because nowadays, most view The Nanny as one of the 90s' most iconic shows.

Fran Drescher, the show's main character summed up the courage to pitch the show to the head of CBS on a flight and the rest they say, is history.

Close to 20 years after the series finale, it'd be nice to see what the cast is up to and if they're all still living their happy endings.


Running for a limited four seasons up until 2006, the hasty decision to cut the series was made after the fourth and final season debuted to disastrously low ratings.

Despite the decline in viewers, the show was still immensely popular and garnered a cult following in the UK.

The show was a classic, coming of age series and could easily develop a season around how the lost 20-somethings eventually found their way, 10 years on.


There is no greater travesty than the fact that My So Called Life was cancelled after one season.

The show, revolving around the socially awkward loner Angela Chase, was way ahead of its time, showing the life of a teenage girl in a real, painfully uncomfortable way. It tackled issues like teen drinking, teen sex, homosexuality and homophobia, adultery, violence and abuse.

Of course it helped that its stars were Clare Danes and Jared Leto, but My So Called Life has reportedly been hailed as one of the greatest TV shows of all time, has a perfect 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and won multiple awards.

Angela Chase in 2017 would certainly be a sight to behold.


Four seasons of this show were nowhere near enough.

While the series might've also had a hit telemovie and a 2012 film, it'd be noice, different and unusual to see more of the hilarious family getting up to their Aussie antics.

Don't get your hopes up too much though.

In 2015, co-creator and star of the show Gina Riley said she was "95 per cent" done with playing Kim.

A year later she joked, "it might be about 98 per cent now."

"Look at me now, I mean I'm 54. I'm not sure I can play 25 and five quarters any more," before adding: "It's all in the wig".


We realise this is an absolutely fruitless desire but there's no denying millions would tune in to a Friends revival.

While Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox tease all of us by remaining best friends even after all these years, all of the cast have had their turn of explaining why a reunion will never happen.

An NBC special held last year to honour director Jim Burrows reunited all of the Friends cast sans Matthew Perry and sent fans into absolute tailspins.

Despite the rare regrouping of the iconic actors, everyone involved insisted it was "not a Friends reunion."