The British father of a seven-year-old girl who has become a worldwide internet sensation with her impression of Taylor Swift today hit back at critics - and revealed his daughter has been offered a Hollywood deal to become the 'new Shirley Temple'.

Civil engineer Alan Vigor hit out at criticism from Piers Morgan that his daughter Xia's act is being 'sexualised' in a 'creepy' way by telling MailOnline: 'He's wrong ... We know the bigger picture over here so we don't worry about Piers Morgan.'

Xia's mother Christy Bernardo, 42, also defended herself, insisting she was not a 'pushy mum' after video of her seven-year-old performing Swift's 2008 hit You Belong With Me in full make-up and with her clothes ripped off went viral.

Ms Bernardo told MailOnline: 'Xia is very into everything. She is a very inquisitive girl and she wants to do a lot of things and I want to give her that chance.


'People may say she's on TV and I'm exploiting her but she does many things people don't see. At Christmas we visited a poor village and she gave her toys away to the children there.'

Responding to criticism from Piers Morgan of his daughter's Taylor Swift impression, property developer Alan said: 'He's wrong. He doesn't understand the context. The culture here is very, very different. People in the Philippines see things differently.

'On the show net week, Xia is going to dress up as Axl rose. It's like a pantomime. It's been taken out of context. She's not going a friend's birthday party in high heels and lipstick. It's not like that. She would never dress up like that on a normal day.'

Dressed in a white marching band uniform matching Swift's and wearing full make up, Xiamara Vigor sent the audience wild with excitement as her clothes were pulled off to reveal a glittery dress during her perfect version of Swift's You Belong With Me for the Philippines hit show 'Your Face Sounds Familiar: Kids'.

Xia, a celebrity in the Philippines who also stars as a princess in a family sitcom, has official Twitter and Facebook pages as well as dozens of fan pages packed with photos of the schoolgirl. Her Instagram account has 120,000 followers.

Posted by Xia Vigor on Sunday, 15 January 2017

Mr Vigor, 50, admitted he was concerned about the effect of stardom on his daughter, who misses classes to appear on a daily TV show in the Philippines where she has rocketed to stardom since appearing in a talent show at the age of five.

But he insisted Xia and her nine-year-old brother Liam were safer growing up in the Philippines with her brother and her Filipino mother than she would be in the UK, saying: 'They have armed guards protecting them.'

Xia's extraordinary TV appearances have attracted global attention and Alan - who lives in the Philippines and is separated but on good terms with Xia's mother Christy - also revealed his daughter has been offered a Hollywood deal to become the 'new Shirley Temple'

Posted by Xia Vigor on Sunday, 15 January 2017

He told MailOnline: 'A Hollywood director contacted us and said he wants her over in America.

'He said: 'I've been waiting all my life for the next Shirley Temple and I've finally found her.' I can't tell you who the director is - it's top secret at the moment.

'The director calls Christy and he's persuading her to go over there because he has promised this package and everything. But I'm very reluctant. I don't want her to go because it's too far away from me.

'I don't want to be so far away from her. At the moment I can hop on a flight and be there in 45 minutes and I go there as often as I can and we pick up where we left off. If she goes to the States it won't be that simple.

Alan and Christy, 42, who graduated in law from Exeter University, met in the Philippines but lived together in the UK for 10 years and moved to the Philippines when Xia was three.

Xia quickly became mesmerised by children's talent shows on TV in the Philippines. 'She said 'I'd like to do that kind of thing',' said Alan. 'It became apparent that's what interested her.

'At the age of five, she did an audition for a singing competition on a daytime show called Showtime. She won it and they gave her a brand new house and £6,000.
'After that she was asked to host a daytime show. She was the youngest co-host ever in the Philippines at five years old and it was great fun to watch.

Posted by Xia Vigor on Sunday, 15 January 2017

She could hardly speak the language because she'd only been here for two years but now she's fluent in Tagalog. She's done about 12 commercials and the TV commercial she did for Nestle got 11.6 million hits online.'

Alan, who separated from Christy when Xia was four but flies to see her and her brother in Manila every month from his home in Ilo Ilo, said he was anxious to ensure she was not spoilt by stardom.