Twitter has had a meltdown after singer Ariana Grande declared herself "the hardest working 23-year-old human being on Earth".

Grande posted a picture of herself on Instagram with the caption "when you're cute but you're also the hardest working 23 year old human being on earth #cute #butalso #CEO #unf-kwitable #haventsleptinyears."

She seems very impressed with herself, but not everyone is feeling her vibe.

Some social media users were vocal about how out of touch she was with reality.


hannah.matters says "Nah man. Not even close. Lmao."

samnice1984 says: "Umm first off calling yourself cute is narcissistic and claiming that you are the hardest working 23yr old proves how outta touch you are with the real world!!"

"Hardest working woman on earth. What about all women in the third world working 14 h per day just to get food for their children? Arrogance," says Instagram user hreik.

Grande is famously known for diva-like behaviour and only will be photographed from her left side.