A former UK Big Brother star has suffered a tremendous fake tan fail during an appearance on Ireland's Dancing With The Stars.

Appearing as a contestant on the dancing show, Hughie Maughan's heavily bronzed face caused fans to do a double take of their television screens.

Just going on stage, is tan enough or do I need more ???

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"Heavily bronzed" doesn't even begin to describe how severe this fake tan was. It's as if Maughan applied several coats and then didn't follow the instructions to wash off the excess tan after four hours as recommended.

His darker hue became even more accentuated when he stood next to his fellow contestants.


And no. This is not just his everyday look. His promo shot for the series shows a more pale Maughan.

So excited to say I am taking part in Ireland's Dancing with the Stars on RTE, I am gonna bring the fun and camp to the stage lol hope you all support me throughout .. if I don't make a dick of myself

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Unsure if it was all a joke, fans took to Twitter in their droves to create hilarious memes with many comparing it to Ross's epic tan fail on Friends and others joking that his face was an ad for wood stain.

Another said: "#DancingWiththeStars #Hughie ... what tanning brand is being used backstage? I need my decking done."

At one point, host and former Westlife star Nicky Byrne addressed the issue, joking: "Hughie, you are trending on Twitter ... we don't know why."

Many questioned why the reality TV star was allowed to go out on the dancefloor with so much tan on his face but insiders told The Irish Sun Hughie was determined to go with his bronzed look.

An insider revealed: "As hard as we tried Hughie had a solid grasp on his bronzer and there was no releasing it'."

And the source said lacquered Hughie told colleagues: "You can't have enough tan."

We absolutely beg to differ.