Nicole Kidman displayed "bizarre" and "loose" behaviour at the Golden Globes, interrupting interviews and "shooing away" a cocktail waitress, according to a new report.

Woman's Day magazine claims the Australian actress left "some observers wondering whether she'd had a few too many pre-show wines."

The January 8 event began with the Lion actress interrupting British actor Tom Hiddleston's red carpet interview to say she was having fun.

"Sorry to crash. I'm so happy to be here and I'm determined to have fun. That's why I came here and did that," she laughed.


At an after-party, the magazine reports she "shooed away" a cocktail waitress and "constantly ushered over" waiters with pizza.

The magazine claims the 49-year-old star dropped crumbs on her husband, Keith Urban.

The report comes after Kidman drew outrage and praise for saying Americans should support US President-elect Donald Trump.

She later clarified that her comments were merely a statement of her belief in democracy, not an endorsement of the incoming president.

Kidman told Access Hollywood her comments were misconstrued. She said: "I was trying to stress that I believe in democracy and the American Constitution, and it was that simple."

When an interviewer pressed her for more details, Kidman threw up her hands and said she was done commenting on the topic.

The Hours actress was born in Hawaii to Australian parents and holds dual citizenship in Australia and the US.