Rude American shoppers cross the line with queueing Kiwi

To "the rude American couple at the fruit and vege store today" from Reddit NZ user Hairy-Lemon ... "The concept of a 'line' may be strange to you, but it is something Kiwis practise regularly, along with good manners such as patience and respect. When you came storming down the aisle yelling to your partner about how OMG he's STILL in line, it's been like 15 minutes (it was seven), and wow people are buying so much stuff today that's so RUDE, I almost lost my eyebrows in my hairline. When you went on to make passive-aggressive comments right next to me about how I didn't let you in front of me (you didn't ask) so you could pay for your handful of produce first, I marvelled to myself that this must be what Walmart is like. And finally, lady, when I told you to calm down and you scoffed: 'THAT'S RICH' with your partner providing backing vocals: 'Yeah, that's rich', I realised that some people are just genuinely stupid and beyond reason. As you go through New Zealand you will find that, yes, you have to queue at counters. Yes, you will have to wait to be served. No, people are not obligated to let you go first just because you have less stuff. Enjoy your fruit and vegetables; maybe that fibre will help clear out whatever has been shoved so high up your a****."

Strange but true

1. A traditional cure for goitres and ulcers was the touch of a dead man's hand, preferably that of one who had an untimely death. Seekers attended public executions and paid the hangman to let them rub the corpse's hand across their body as it hung on the gallows.

2. Punk label Stiff Records released an album called The Wit & Wisdom of Ronald Reagan that was blank on both sides. It sold 30,000 copies.

3. One of Russia's most popular reality shows in the 90s challenged contestants to steal a car. If they could evade police for 35 minutes, they got to keep the wheels. The show was pulled after being linked to a rise in car thefts.


4. There is a type of Australian beetle which is threatened with extinction because the male beetles try to have sex with beer bottles instead of females.

5. Someone on the New Zealand greyhound owners' Facebook group has just adopted a dog. They now have two dogs named Max and Steffi.