After the name calling, abuse and mocking one previous bachelorette is keen to show Hawke's Bay students light is always at the end of the tunnel.

Claudia Conaglen, known for her role on the reality television show The Bachelor NZ, has moved to Tamatea from Auckland and is ready to share her experiences.

Being a popular girl at school Miss Conaglen never expected her appearance as a reality TV star to make her a target for cyber bullies.

"Two of my girlfriends nominated me and I just saw it as a good opportunity to meet someone in a different way. I guess I was naive and had no idea what the repercussions would be."


From the moment she became best friends with co-star Naz Khanjani the online trolls took to the keyboards to openly declare their hate for the pair.

She was left daily with messages, which mocked her accent, called her dumb and generally made fun of her.

"I considered myself a confident person before the series but after I copped so much criticism I lost all self-esteem and didn't want to ever leave the house."

She admitted she and Naz were pictured as outspoken on the show in comparison to the other girls and felt that's why they copped the flack.

"I would upload myself doing exercises on Instagram and people would comment that they were laughing at me. It was really degrading."

Now six months on Miss Conaglen wants to talk to students in Hawke's Bay schools about cyber bullying, the effects it has and how to get through it.

"I think I have become a stronger person from it and want to share my experience and help others.

"I think it is so important to teach children ways to cope, which can help prevent a child or young adult from mental illness, anxiety, depression and suicide."

The 2016 bachelorette got through this tough period by engaging in activities away from the screen such as hiking, going to the beach, baking and catching up with friends and family.

She also started to read positive books by Louise Hay which she said helped clear her mind.

"I was lucky as I had a good network of friends who I could speak to. I became good friends with other reality TV stars like Angela Stone from Real Housewives of Auckland which was great as we could relate to one another."

Miss Conaglen said people have to stay true to themselves and not listen or be distracted by anyone.

If people want to talk to Miss Conaglen email her on