Lamar Odom has made the surprising reveal that he wants to get back together with ex Khloe Kardashian, the Daily Mail reports.

The basketballer and reality star made the claim on an upcoming episode of US talk show The Doctors.

In a preview clip released this week, host Travis Lane Stork asked the 36-year-old former athlete about his future.

'Going forward, when you look at your life ahead of you, what are you looking forward to,' asked the ER doctor.


With just a slight hesitation, Lamar looked at Stork and responded 'honestly? I want my wife back.'

While he chuckled a bit after his reveal, the audience went wild.

Reality TV star Khloe Kardashian, 32, married the Queens native in 2009 and filed for divorce in 2013, but only managed to put the finishing legal touches on their split last October.

Late in 2015, the former NBA star overdosed on multiple drugs at a Crystal, Nevada brothel, winding up comatose and on life support in a Las Vegas hospital.

Though they were separated, he and his wife were still legally married, and she'd jetted to his side, helping oversee the medical arrangements.

Meanwhile, now that he is again clean, the basketballer is mulling a return to the league, albeit as a coach.

In an interview released Tuesday, when TMZ Sports asked whether he'd consider returning to the league as a coach, he said: 'Yeah.'

The site then prodded the 37-year-old on whether he'd 'reached out' to Luke Walton, whom the Lakers hired on as head coach last year.

He replied: 'Yup. He'll see about it.'

The 36-year-old coach had played for the Lakers from 2003 to 2012, a span that included the entirety of Odom's time with the team from 2004-2011.

Odom recently completed a stint in rehab to help overcome his issues with drugs and alcohol.