Married at First Sight's first gay couple had a picturesque wedding here in New Zealand, but the new romance ended in a dramatic episode which saw Craig Roach, 41, pack his bags and flee while his new hubby Andy John, 41, was in the shower.

However, now it appears the fiery couple have mended fences after attending a ritzy party on Sydney Harbour together.

In an Instagram snap posted to Andy's account, the marketing manager poses with his arm around a smiling Craig, Daily Mail reports.

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"The 'husband' bought new hair!" he captioned the image, joking about the hairdresser's suddenly thicker mane.

But the quip and friendly photos have lead to speculation that the pair healed their rift.

"OMG are you two are back together??? That's one of the best things I've seen all night!!!" commented one Instagram fan, while another simply asked, "Back together!?"

A second picture, in which Craig posed with Andy and a brunette female friend, is captioned, "Wife meets husband!"

Wife meets husband!

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The photos were taken a the luxurious Diner En Blanc party at Cockatoo Island several weeks ago.

It's unclear if the pair have reignited their romance or simply buried old resentments after their disastrous stint on the show.

Andy recently posted a picture aboard a plane en route to a tropical holiday captioned 'seats up front' hinting a mystery person may be travelling with him.

Seats up front

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However a few weeks prior to meeting up with his "ex", Andy had dinner with a mystery male igniting speculation from his Instagram followers that the gent could be a new flame.

"Dinner with the boy and his parents... The parents are camera shy!" the marketing director captioned the image, leaving one of his fans to ask, "New man??'"

Dinner with the boy & his parents... The parents are camera shy!

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The show's only same-sex couple's romance burned to the ground just days after they tied the knot in New Zealand for the Nine reality series.

Craig, complained that his new husband wasn't interested in him.

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"We're on top of the mountain living the dream and he doesn't even want to touch me. He doesn't even want to kiss me," Craig declared on the show.

According to an NW report, in September, Andy, sold the wedding ring the couple exchanged on eBay.