Boy George took aim at George Michael's Aussie boyfriend but missed and ended up igniting a Twitter was with users claiming he is "biphobic".

The incident began when Boy George tweeted his scepticism about whether George Michael's boyfriend, Fadi Fawaz's Twitter account was really hacked.

Within hours of Michael's death, messages started appearing on Fawaz's Twitter account saying that his boyfriend wanted to die and had tried many times before. He later said his account had been hacked.

In a since deleted tweet, Boy George wrote "Ok. 'My computer got hacked' is like 'I'm bisexual' or 'I'm sniffing because I have allergies'."


George Michael's boyfiend Fadi Fawaz caught up in sick Twitter hack
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His comments were slammed by Twitter users who said that bisexual people deserve to be recognised just the same as all the other letters in LGBT+ and not to be derided as a joke.

Boy George was unapologetic at first, stating that a lot of people use the term "bisexual" when they mean "gay".

As more people piled on as he suggested only "dim" people would misinterpret his words, Boy George started to operate in damage control mode.

He then engaged in countless tweets, deciding to block those who attacked him.

Fadi Fawaz has not commented on Boy George's comments.

The incident comes several months after Boy George, real name George O'Dowd, got involved in a public spat with Seven Sharp's Toni Street.

The singer stormed out of a video interview after Street asked about his past criminal charges. In that incident, he also took to Twitter to voice his anger, labelling it a "stinking interview".

Boy George is currently appearing on The New Celebrity Apprentice with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Source: TVNZ Seven Sharp. Boy George had an interview with current affairs show Seven Sharp this afternoon which didn't end well.