Kiwis reveal their up close and personal encounters with celebrities. Today John Webster remembers the time he shared a lift with Sean Connery

During May 1978, while I was on my very first OE, I was staying at the Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin. I felt lucky when told I was the only one on the top floor. This was not true as I had seen another room with lights on.

Next morning I proceeded to the lift to go down for breakfast. While waiting its arrival a man came out of the room that had been lighted the night before. He asked that I hold it for him as he just had to grab his coat. Down we went and we exchanged the facts that we were both visiting Dublin and hoped each other would have a pleasant stay.

Outside the dining room this gentleman was met by others and escorted to a screened off corner of the room. He came up in the lift again, after breakfast, with no exchange of words.

About mid-morning I went to the main entrance to await the courier I was to join for an all-day tour of the city. Before joining I noticed the hotel lounge full of people with cameras and note books. I asked one of the staff what was going on.


Oh, it's a press conference with the stars of the movie they're making here.

I told one of the staff I didn't know any of them but recognised the tall one as being Donald Sutherland, and in reply I was told that Lesley Ann Down was there, and beside her was Sean Connery, who was my mysterious man from upstairs.

I had no idea that I had travelled at least three or four times, over three days, with 007. My letter home caused more excitement than I had shown - and I was there!