"What cracked me up more was after getting the green light, he then turned hard right to proceed along the pedestrian crossing. Talk about fickle ..."

Finding Nemo and the right partner

A celebrant asked a groom what attracted him to his partner and got this answer: "I first knew she was a keeper when she brought a 2-for-1 voucher from the Entertainment Book to our second date at Kelly Tarlton's. To me that demonstrated forward thinking, and a good eye for a deal - important attributes in a partner. When, once we'd exhausted everything the aquarium had to offer, she suggested we go back to her house to watch Finding Nemo, I knew I had someone special on my hands. Or at the very least someone really into sea life. It turned out to be more the former and not so much the latter."

Rubbish response to act of honesty

"Just before Christmas in about 1995, I was driving along Great South Rd about 6.30am to start work for the day at Manurewa Police Station, when I noticed a rough-looking, small shoulder bag at the side of the road," writes Grant. "I hesitated briefly whether to stop and pick it up, before deciding to do so. When I got to work I opened the bag and found that it contained about $4500. After a few phone calls I ascertained that it belonged to a local rubbish collection contractor, known to the police for all the wrong reasons. When I spoke to him he said the bag had fallen off his truck. The money was Christmas bonuses for the staff. He called in at the police station later in the day and uplifted the money. He signed the property form and left. One doesn't expect any accolades for being honest, but a simple thanks would've been appreciated, when it could easily have been found by somebody less honest."