TV3 has looked in-house to fill two vacant positions for its new morning show fronted by Duncan Garner.

Amanda Gillies and Mark Richardson will join Garner on The AM Show, which fills the spot vacated by the exit of Paul Henry and his Paul Henry show.

Amanda Gillies, Duncan Garner and Mark Richardson.
Amanda Gillies, Duncan Garner and Mark Richardson.

With Garner as the show's host, Gillies will appear as a newsreader and former Black Cap Richardson is to front sports news.

Richardson comes from his long-held post on the popular series The Crowd Goes Wild, which he co-hosts with Andrew Mulligan. The change will see Richardson's ten year run on the show come to an end but he will, however, continue to host reality TV show The Block.


In a statement, Garner said he "couldn't be happier" with the new team.

"They're smart, know their subjects and aren't afraid to have a good time in the process," he said.

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Garner is joining the show after the demise of 7pm show Story, which is being replaced by a new panel show called The Project.

Gillies has worked on 3 News, Campbell Live, 60 Minutes and Nightline, and has appeared alongside Garner on Story, filling in occasionally for Heather du Plessis-Allan.

The AM Show is scheduled for an early 2017 start.