The best movie of 2016:

Deadpool was my movie of the year. Wilderpeople a close second, but I've been waiting for the Deadpool movie since the leaked test footage years ago.

The best TV show I watched this year:

I caught up on all 5 seasons of House of Cards. So that's my TV show of the year. I rewatched Game of Thrones with my wife, for her first time, and that was a fantastic rewatch!

The show I binged the fastest:

House of Cards, all 5 seasons in a month.

The song I listened to the most:

We're still huge fans of the Frozen Soundtrack in my household. Daughter number 2, coincidentally also 2 years old, loves "Love is an Open Door" and "The First Time in Forever"....

The best live show I went to:


The Wiggles. Also the only live show.

The best thing I did all year:

Get right into Pokemon GO! What a game. Loved it and still love it. Will play it well into 2017.

The biggest disappointment of 2016:

US Politics. The whole thing.

The best meal I ate:

Anything and everything from Fireworks Smokehouse in Wynyard Quarter.