Alan Morrison and Rowan Bettjeman present the most awkward television moments of the week.

A live cross on Breakfast took a dark twist this week as viewers were given a glimpse into the inner turmoil of one of their reporters.

A series of crosses to Wellington reporter Kaitlin Ruddock inspired a new category in this week's episode of Media Ocre, the Grumpy Awards, after the camera showed just how little she was enjoying covering recent earthquake damage.

But in a curious twist, it turned out there was plenty of happiness bottled up inside Ruddock, with the reporter treating viewers to a sudden singalong.

It wasn't the only awkward thing to air on Breakfast this week. If anyone has ever wanted to hear Hilary Barry say the word "blisters" a dozen times, they were in for a real treat.


Thanks to a communication issue, the morning host had to repeatedly ask Sam the Weatherman about his blister situation.

You can see those clips and more in this week's episode, in which not even John Key was safe from Alan and Rowan's mirth, as he fell for the charms of everyone's favourite Canadian, Justin Trudeau.

Watch the latest episode of Media Ocre below: