A controversial morning show host is leaving his radio show after a series of headline-grabbing antics over his six years on-air.

Thane Kirby will replace Jono and Ben as the drive time host on The Rock in 2017, Mediaworks confirmed today in press release announcing a widespread shake-up across the network.

In other changes, Jono and Ben will move to The Edge, hosting afternoons and replacing their Jono & Ben co-host Guy Williams.

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Meanwhile, Andrew Mulligan will join The Rock's morning show and Clint Roberts will take over Kirby's breakfast show.

Kirby's move comes after a series of controversial antics, including turning up unannounced at Lorde's Devonport home during a live broadcast, and for asking Bachelorette Naz Khanjani intimate questions about her love life.

In March, Kirby and his co-host Kara Rickards were fined by the Broadcasting Standards Authority for "slut-shaming" two women live on air and ordered them to pay them $4000 and $2000 respectively, as well as $2000 to the Crown for costs.

At the time of the segment, George FM apologised and took the hosts off-air.

Kirby's interview with Khanjani about her time with Jordan Mauger included questions like "is he well hung?" and "did you orgasm?"

The station was also forced to apologise after being slammed by Lorde's mum Sonja Yelich as "intrusive" when Kirby turned up on her doorstep with a camera.

"It was invasive and upsetting to have @georgefmnz's @thanekirby on our property and at our front door yesterday morning recording me for his breakfast programme," Yelich tweeted in 2015.

In today's statement, Kirby said he was looking forward to "hanging out on-air with like minded blokes".

"I'm trading in my vodka lime 'n sodas for bourbon and coke and making the leap beyond Ponsonby."


ZM hosts Jase and PJ will face off against Jono and Ben on The Edge next year. Photo / Dean Purcell
ZM hosts Jase and PJ will face off against Jono and Ben on The Edge next year. Photo / Dean Purcell

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