He's the Australian Idol winner who also has a lot of experience with televised talent competitions, both as a contestant and judge.

So Guy Sebastian knows what it takes to have a winning show, and says it was a combination of a rushed production and lack of chemistry on the panel that led to The X Factor Australia's poor ratings this season, the Daily Mail reports.

Speaking to the Herald Sun on Monday, the singer acknowledge the low numbers were disappointing, but noted there was "a lot against us".

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The revamped show ran for just six weeks, and pulled in a group of internationally acclaimed artists for the judging panel - things Sebastian said actually worked against them.

"[The season] was brutally short," he explained. "We said goodbye to four people in one episode. I mean, come on. And it wasn't the right chemistry on the panel."

The Battle Scars hit maker slammed fellow judge Iggy Azalea for her disinterest in the show, which had spared no expense promoting her appearance.

"She's a bit of a weirdo. I don't really get Iggy,' he said. "You've got to be invested, and she didn't turn up."

Sebastian, who has now mentored contestants on four separate seasons of The X Factor, said the show needed to "evolve" and stop "clutching at straws".

After a dismal season of ratings, Channel Seven insiders this week told the Daily Telegraph there is "no way" the show will continue. The source said the show was financially taxing on the network, and the ratings did not live up to expectations.

It is reported both new host Jason Dundas and new judge Iggy Azalea disappointed network executives. Azalea in particular is claimed to have been a major letdown, as she failed to develop relationships with the other judges or connect with the show's fans.

Both Sebastian and fellow judge Adam Lambert came out as the show was filming to slam their co-star for turning up late and being a diva on set.

According to the source, executives are feeling "quite negative" towards the reality show after the disappointing season.

"There has been talk inside and outside of the network all season, but now the show is over, it is pretty clear it will not be back next year," the source explained. "There is no way."

The show struggled to pull ratings all season, despite the revamped judging panel of Azalea, Lambert, Sebastian and Mel B.

And the grand finale figures were no better according to OzTam's metropolitan ratings - with 751,000 people tuning in to watch birthday boy Isaiah Firebrace, 17, crowned this year's winner.

The numbers are down almost 30 per cent on last year's finale, which pulled in a five capital city figure of 1.204 million, according to Mumbrella.

As a result, the star-studded final sing-off featuring Robbie Williams and Charlie XCX, came in at Number 11 on the list of most watched shows of the night.

The X Factor premiere earlier this year pulled in 904, 000 - down from last year's 1.506 million - resulting in the lowest debut for the show in its history.

And unfortunately, things didn't pick up too much across the series, prompting questions about whether the series will return in 2017.

A Seven Spokesperson has told The Courier Mail, the ratings will not prompt any rash decisions about the show's future, saying: "Decisions on the next series of The X Factor will be made in the New Year."

"'We couldn't be more proud of Isaiah's journey on this show. He is the real deal - a major talent," they added.