It's the Aussie TV showdown set to get people talking and may force everyone to question their own beliefs.

During a fiery exchange on First Contact, which goes to air on SBS tonight, an Aboriginal elder confronts former One Nation politician David Oldfield and asks if he respects his culture.

The debate that follows leads Timmy "Djawa" Burarrwanga to conclude one thing: "You know this country is so racist."

During the clash filmed in Bawaka in East Arnhem Land, the men discuss how Aboriginal culture is one of the oldest continuing cultures in the world.


Oldfield visits the remote community along with singer-songwriter Natalie Imbruglia, TV personality Ian "Dicko" Dickson, former Miss Universe Renae Ayris, comedian Tom Ballard, and actor Nicki Wendt.

But what begins as a peaceful visit soon turns sour after the group is invited into the water to catch some fish.

After Oldfield refuses to take part, tensions simmer over and Timmy asks what's bothering him before asking if he respects his culture since he respects his.

Not entirely happy with the answer he receives, the elder says: "You know this country is so racist."

He goes on to say the constitution itself is racist as it doesn't recognise Aboriginal people to which Oldfield replies it doesn't recognise any culture or people.

Other participants join the debate but not before Oldfield offers to leave his land.

The feisty encounter is just one of several on the three-part series, which sees all participants confront their own beliefs and opinions during the 28-day journey.

In another encounter set to air tomorrow night, Oldfield is again involved in fiery clashes while staying in the remote town of Elliott, which is between Darwin and Alice Springs.

The outspoken Oldfield asks his hosts "SK" and Kaylene why there is so much rubbish surrounding the property.

The women answer some of the rubbish isn't even theirs before telling him they don't tell him how to live his life and he shouldn't say how to live theirs.

"I'll pick it up when I'm rough and ready," he is told. "How can you talk to a woman like that?"

The former politician engages in several debates during the journey. Photo / SBS
The former politician engages in several debates during the journey. Photo / SBS

But it doesn't end there as tensions boil over and he is asked to leave.
"Get out of my house, I don't want you here."

The exchange continues when Ballard follows him outside.

The comedian said he felt the community had bigger priorities than picking up rubbish but Oldfield reveals he wasn't content with that answer.

"This is the f***ing problem, Tom" he begins. "If all you're going to do is have a heart ... you're not going to change a freaking thing."

But Oldfield isn't the only participant who is challenged on what they believe.

All the participants are forced to confront their own opinions and beliefs about what they think about Aboriginal Australia.

Wendt and Ayris also admit they both have strong views when it comes to Aboriginal culture.

Ayris, who grew up in Perth, reveals her only contact with Aboriginal people had been far from positive after being abused and spat on.

Dicko also reveals how he is worried the journey will show he is nothing but a dirty big racist.

Imbruglia said she wants to know the truth and doesn't want to be spoon-fed an opinion while Ballard believes indigenous people have been hard done by.

First Contact season 2 will air tonight, Wednesday and Thursday at 8.30pm on SBS and NITV.