Heather Du Plessis-Allan has made a bucket list of things she wants to do now that she's leaving TV3, and being like Max Key is one of them.

The Story presenter, who revealed to the Herald on Sunday that she was leaving TV3, wrote the list with the help of fans and posted it on her Twitter when it was done.

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On the list are the usual things you'd expect like learning Te Reo Maori, taking a camper-van tour of the South Island, playing guitar, travelling and more.


But she also revealed she wants to follow in Max Key's footsteps and make a holiday video like his.

Max Key posted his holiday video featuring his girlfriend and himself living his lavish lifestyle and jetsetting around Hawaii.

He and John Key came under fire for the video which some said made the Prime Minister and his family look "out of touch", and as if they were flaunting their wealth.

Political leaders have backed the Prime Minister over his son's viral holiday video - saying it's none of their business. Max Key released a YouTube clip of his holiday in Hawaii with girlfriend Amelia Finlayson, which included a cameo appearance by Mr Key standing pensively on some rocks.

Du Plessis-Allan however, could easily make her own - less controversial - holiday video with plans to travel to Cuba and US music festival Coachella much higher on her list than the more mundane plan to "trim the hedges".

The TV personality will leave TV3 when Story comes to an end, at which point her co-host Duncan Garner will move to breakfast television, hosting a brand new programme The AM Show, filling the slot left behind by Paul Henry's show.

Paul Henry also announced his departure from his breakfast hosting duties earlier this month, though he plans to stay on with Mediaworks in some capacity.