Alan Morrison and Rowan Bettjeman present the most awkward television moments of the week.

One week on and Breakfast still can't escape the shame of their unintentionally hilarious Adele tribute.

However, Hilary and friends' tribute wasn't quite enough to top this week's Media Ocre Awards.

That honour went to Seven Sharp with a technical failure that proves TVNZ1 needs to give up on those live crosses once and for all.

Poor Shavaughn Ruakere had to sit in awkward silence for minutes after the audio failed on a clip of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johson, before an equally cringe-worthy bout of the talent talking over each other.


It followed a slightly more disturbing visit to Sam the Weatherman, who made Breakfast viewers gag on their Weet-Bix as he gave them an up close and personal look inside his throat.

TV3 wasn't safe either, with drunken Story interviews and awkward segues just some of the special moments to make this week's episode.

Watch the latest episode of Media Ocre below: