"On a recent business trip to India I saw this sign advertising a hotel's wedding packages," writes a reader. "But don't let the fact that you don't have a fiancee get in the way of your wedding plans! The hotel's match-making service will also take care of that minor detail, by finding you a prospective bride or groom!"

'Frightening letters' provide the perfect excuse

A 49-year-old man was partly exonerated by a court in Sweden when he convinced the judge that he had a severe anxiety attack every time he received an "official" government letter in a window envelope. Though he was guilty of DUI, the judge dropped the charge of driving without a licence because the man never opened the string of "frightening" letters informing him that operating a scooter required a licence. ( Via The Local.se)

Floury answer to fruit problem

A reader writes: "Had a meeting with my team today and this came out from one member: 'I was once a supermarket checkout operator but I was sent to work in the bakery because I'm really bad at fruit recognition.' Impeached from checkout? Or serious supermarket impearment?"

Walls to dye for

"A great deal of slow poisoning is going on in Great Britain," wrote Birmingham doctor William Hinds in 1857. Arsenic pigments in wallpaper meant more vibrant and durable colours that could be mass produced. People knew arsenic was poisonous. Victorian homes often had a bit lying around for rats and mice, and there were rumours of the "inheritance powder" being used for murder. "They also applied arsenic cosmetics, gave their children toys painted with arsenic and ate meat dipped into it to keep away flies," writes Allison Meier on Hyperallergic.com. "In some kind of disconnect, people believed that only by licking the walls would they get poisoned, or only by the green colours ... Victorian wallpaper could still release flakes of arsenic into the air or produce arsenic gas when conditions were damp."

A reader writes:
A reader writes: "My Mitsubishi Colt Plus was hit from behind. Collected it from the repairer to find it had been re-named!"

Celebrity tweets only skin deep

is a service that turns actual tweets from famous people into temporary tattoos. Each pack comes with five tweets printed with clear backgrounds that can easily be applied to the skin. So far you can choose from the Tech Titan Pack, The Kardashian Pack and the Sports Pack, and soon there'll be the Trump Pack and the F$#! Trump Pack.

School knocks off early

A reader received this letter from his kid's school. He writes: "Poor under 11 kids having to have a week of playing in the pool before they have those tough 2 weeks of doing nothing at primary school."

Picture this: One hundred of the most influential photographs of all time, curated by Time.com. Here you can view them by the most recent to most historical, which is a good way to view. Some are difficult to see.

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