Disney seems intent on toying with our childhoods by adding Winnie the Pooh to its list of live action reboots.

Marc Foster, best known for below-average James Bond entry Quantum of Solace, will direct a 'live action' remake about the One Hundred Acre Wood, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Christopher Robin won't actually focus on Pooh and the gang though. Instead, it will revolve around a grown-up Christopher Robin who has "grown out of the joyful imagination he had as a young boy and is now a businessman who prioritises work over his wife and daughter".

When his home life falls apart, Pooh shows up requiring Christopher Robin's help in finding the rest of his friends.


Foster rose to prominence for directing Monster's Ball and Finding Neverland, but is best known for the poorly received Quantum of Solace. It made less than the previous instalment Casino Royale and only earned 65 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Earlier this year, Forster blamed the problems around Quantum on the 2008 writer's strike, which meant he had to start filming with an unfinished script. His latest movie, All I See Is You¸ currently has just 50 per cent approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

Director Marc Forster has a mixed track record when it comes to his movies. Photo/Supplied
Director Marc Forster has a mixed track record when it comes to his movies. Photo/Supplied

There is currently no release date for Christopher Robin. It continues Disney's trend of rebooting their live action movies, following the success of entries such as Maleficent and The Jungle Book.

There are currently 16 live action remakes reportedly in development from the company, including The Lion King, Dumbo and James and the Giant Peach. Disney has previously released five movies featuring Winnie the Pooh and friends.

Goodbye Christopher Robin, a biopic about the real Christopher Robin and his father, Pooh creator AA Milne, is in production starring Domhnall Gleeson and Margot Robbie. The franchise is celebrating its 90th anniversary.