Because we don't yet have the technology to go back in time to stop Hollywood from making terrible Terminator movies like Genisys and Salvation, a Kiwi animator came up with another way of saving the iconic sci-fi franchise.

Bruce Stirling John Knox's simple solution was to show Hollywood how The Terminator should be done.

"I was not pleased with the last few Terminator films," Knox told the Herald. "But instead of complaining, I did it better."

His idea was to create an attention grabbing trailer as a pitch for a feature film that he has written and set in the Terminator universe.


Titled Extermination this visually incredible and brutally intense animation is the result of 18 months work by Knox, who wrote and animated the whole thing himself.

It depicts a post-Judgement Day future where humanity's battle against Skynet's killer robots has been won, but is far from over...

Knox is hoping his trailer will go viral and attract the attention of Terminator creator and legendary movie director James Cameron, the rights holders Skydance Productions and Paramount Pictures who distribute the Terminator films.

"It's impossible gaining any direct contact within big production houses unless you have a foot in the door with some serious contacts," Knox said.

"That's why I made this pitch: as a big foot to reach out and trip over someone in the right place."

Knox says that while T2: Judgement Day "is a classic without a doubt," the "raw, dark, and relentless," original movie remains his favourite.

"I remember hearing about it when I was a kid. My older brother told me about this film where some guy just couldn't be stopped and who felt nothing. The original psychopath. I was both fascinated and terrified. Then I saw the movie. I was instantly drawn in... it blew my f***ing mind."

Let's hope his pitch is successful and that sometime in the future Knox will be back with a full Terminator movie.