Behind the scenes footage from a Polaroid commercial shows the Spice Girls defending themselves against a pervy director.

The 1997 ad campaign shows the five band members being kicked out of a Catholic school for their racy snaps.

The footage shows the girls becoming annoyed when the director suggested they show more skin.

The clip opens with Melanie Brown, better known as Scary Spice, approaching the director asking: "Who was it? Was it you? Why did you ask that? To have cleavage shown and a midriff shown?"


The director responds with: "It's every man's fantasy." When Brown tells him to "f*** off", he looks into the camera and adds "That's showbiz."

Geri Halliwell and Victoria Beckham join in, with Halliwell calling him a "chauvinistic pig", before Beckham steals his glasses and offers to sell them.

"You should know better by now, shouldn't you, really? You're in the advertising thing, what sort of example is that?" Halliwell later adds.

The clip ends with footage taken later, which shows Mel B hasn't let it go, berating the director once again as they wrap up the shoot.

The Spice Girls dominated their charts during their six year run from 1994 to 2000. They last reunited in 2012 for a performance at the Olympics closing ceremony. Brown, Halliwell (now Geri Horner) and Emma Bunton have reunited for a new album under the name 'Spice Girls - GEM'.