Marvel Studios and IMAX are teaming up with a crazy plan to bring some of their craziest characters to life.

The comic company today announced their next television effort will be The Inhumans, set to premiere in September next year. It is the first TV show to be done in partnership with IMAX, and the series will be filmed using the companies super-sized cameras.

In a world first, the series will premiere in IMAX for two weeks at the start of September showcasing the first two episodes, before moving onto ABC in America.

It is a rather confusing plan for a simple TV show, but the given how bizarre the characters are, it is a fitting way to bring them to life.


The Inhumans first appeared in comics in 1965, a race of genetically engineered superhumans left to form their own society. The series has traditionally focused on the royal family, who originally lived on the moon before moving to a flying city above New York. They are led by their king Black Bolt, whose supersonic voice means he cannot talk without killing people, and his wife Medusa, who fights with her super strong hair.

The characters have risen in prominence in recent years after Marvel pushed them to the front of their comics line-up. It has long been assumed by fans that Marvel did this in order to replace the X-Men, as the company does not own the film rights to the mutant characters.

An Inhumans movie was first announced in 2012 for release in 2019, but was delayed and eventually cancelled after Marvel's film division split from the rest of the company.

The show will be one of six Marvel series to premiere next year, with Iron Fist, The Defenders, The Punisher, Cloak and Dagger and Runaways meant to screen as well. The company has seen great success with their Netflix efforts, though their ABC shows have struggled to gain an audience, making this strange new method an even riskier gamble.