It seems that the people who first guessed a Trump presidency aren't happy their joke has come true.

The Simpsons have used their traditional chalkboard gag to 'update' their now infamous prediction, with Bart using his endless detention to scrawl "Being right sucks".

The long running animation has been brought up multiple times during the US election for their Season 11 episode 'Bart to the Future'. The futuristic episode saw Lisa as a newly-elected President, having to save the country from economic ruin due to the financial mismanagement of "President Trump".

The episodes writer, Dan Greaney, told The Washington Post this month that they chose Trump as he seemed the right fit at the time and they needed a recognisable name. He previously told the Hollywood Reporter that they used Trump was a "warning to America".


Greaney told THR that it "just seemed like the logical last stop before hitting bottom. It was pitched because it was consistent with the vision of America going insane."

The Simpsons has been very vocal this last year about the possibility of a Trump presidency. They have previously mocked his campaign announcement and how the real estate mogul would really react at 3AM.

The show was recently renewed for two more seasons, giving them plenty of opportunities to continue mocking their new President.