James Packer's former fiancee Kate Fischer - now known as Tziporah Malkah - has penned an open letter to his most recent partner Mariah Carey, advising her how she could win back the billionaire's love.

Malkah, who was in a two-year engagement with Packer until the pair split in 1998, had recently accused the businessman of using her name to keep himself in the press.

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In the lengthy letter, addressed directly to 'Dear Mariah' and published in this week's edition of New Idea, Malkah said she was sorry to hear the pair had recently parted ways.


"My advice to you is, if you really want him back, play the game, let him make the key decisions and you may well live happily ever after as Mariah Carey Packer," she writes.

The former model and actor outlines her own early courtship with Packer in the mid-90s, detailing romantic dates and dinners - and arguments.

"Here's a tip, Mariah," she writes. "If you want to get him back and he's having a sulk, just wait a few days and get in touch."

Malkah suggests Carey is "perhaps lucky" she didn't have to meet James' late father Kerry Packer, who she describes as "intimidating" with a great temper. As for his mother, Ros: She "isn't the easiest woman to impress. Did you find that, Mariah?"

Malkah also reveals the true reason she and Packer split, saying an endless array of hangers-on in their life meant she struggled to have one-on-one time with her partner during their five years together.

"You probably know what I'm talking about, Mariah. Whenever I saw pictures of you with James on that good old floating palace, the Arctic P, there were umpteen people around you."

She alleges that, along with the coterie of butlers, chefs and associates Packer surrounded himself with, he also had a personal valet forever in his shadow - "even in the bedroom."
Malkah ends by saying that, while she herself could "never be happy being Mrs Packer," she wished Carey "good luck."

Mariah Carey is said to be demanding millions in her split from Packer. Photo / Greg Bowker
Mariah Carey is said to be demanding millions in her split from Packer. Photo / Greg Bowker

An editorial note appending the letter states that at Malkah's request, New Idea will make a donation to the Rupert Murdoch Foundation for research into Tay-Sachs disease.

The two-page New Idea spread is the latest bizarre move from Malkah, who burst back into the spotlight last month when rival tabloid mag Woman's Day published paparazzi pictures showing her new, quiet life as an aged care nurse living in a Toorak flat.

Since then, her public comments - issued either via her public Facebook page or interviews in New Idea - have vacillated between pleas for privacy and lingerie-clad magazine spreads and explosive allegations about the man she split with 18 years ago.