Paul Henry says Duncan Garner has one foot in his grave already, but he's happy to let him have it.

Henry took to Facebook to thank his fans and explain the reason he's leaving, citing simply being over 2.30am alarms.

"We have done amazing things, I have loved being a huge part of this show," he says.

"You guys have been fantastic because as I've said multiple times: if it weren't for you this whole thing would just be a joke."


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"It's been fantastic but it's been hard work and I just can't keep getting up in the middle of the night," Henry said.

"It's time for someone else to take over and he's not me, I know, who could be me? And he's not as good as me because nobody could be as good as me, but he is a worthy contender," Henry said of Duncan Garner, who will fill the morning slot with a new show, The AM Show come early 2017.

Duncan Garner will fill the void left by Paul Henry in 2017. Photo / Supplied
Duncan Garner will fill the void left by Paul Henry in 2017. Photo / Supplied

"He is, I'm told, raring to go. My coffin lid is open and he's just been hammering on it for quite some time," Henry joked.

He went on to clarify that he wasn't leaving to pursue another job and very much hopes to continue working with Mediaworks in some capacity, but it was all about perspective.

"I'm stopping this because I like to think I've got my life in perspective. You are a long time dead and work is by no means everything, so what I want to do is what I would advise you to do as early as possible: don't wait to live.

"It's time to live today and that's what i want to do.

Henry also confirmed he will be on air until December 16.