Thought you'd watched every single second of Friends (on repeat)?

Think again.

Even the most committed fans of the hit sitcom probably missed an extra scene that was buried away in the added features in the DVD for season 2.

The episode, titled The One Where Ross Finds Out, is all about David Schwimmer's character planning to buy a cat with his girlfriend Julie - then receiving a drunken voicemail from his longtime crush Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) who confesses she's in love with him.


Ross hears it the next day when he's on his way to get the cat with Julie, and it throws all his emotions into chaos.

In the extended version, we see Julie trying to pick which cat to adopt while Ross grapples with his choice between lady loves.

He ends up pitching the idea that they get a very old or sick cat ... and it's hilarious.

Watch the clip for yourself below: