Donald Trump loves Donald Trump. He's skilled at seamlessly working a humble brag into a conversation, be it about his business empire, his presidential acumen or, yes, even his ability to pick up women.

A growing number of Americans love it, and they'll vote for Trump's big-talking brashness in less than 48 hours.

Political commentator Keith Olbermann isn't one of them. In a stinging video published by GQ overnight, the 57-year-old former journalist targeted Trump over one particularly ill-timed boast.

In was January 6, 2009, and Trump was writing on his blog for the now-defunct Trump University.


He was reminiscing about an interaction he had with actress Kelly Preston, who is married to John Travolta. He said he was impressed by her ability to turn down his advances, when so many other women had tried and failed.

"I have always respected people who were loyal and faithful - which brings to mind Kelly Preston," he wrote.

"A long time ago, before I was married, I met Kelly Preston at a club and worked like hell to try and pick her up. She was beautiful, personable and definitely had allure. At the time I had no idea she was married to John Travolta.

"In any event, my track record on this subject has always been outstanding, but Kelly wouldn't give me the time of day. She was very nice, very elegant, but I didn't have a chance with her, and that was that."

It's a fun little anecdote if you excuse the misogynistic undertones and the fact that the blog post was written as a condolence letter. Preston and Travolta's son, Jett, died after suffering an epileptic seizure just four days earlier.

His death gets a mention in the last sentence: "I'm sure she was a wonderful mother to Jett and my thoughts are with her and her family after their terrible loss."

Enter Olbermann, who says the blog is a window into the world of the man knocking on the door of the Oval Office.

"This self-absorbed boasting about his brilliance at picking up women was his idea of a condolence note for the devastating death of a 16-year-old boy, a subject he finally gets around to in the last of the 12 sentences he wrote."

Olbermann said Trump's thoughts were not for Preston or Travolta, but for himself.

"His thoughts were about himself. His thoughts are always about himself. If you can still vote for a man like this, explain your reasons to your maker, not to me."

The blog post, uncovered in late October, follows similar comments about picking up women. Earlier in October, a 2005 audio recording featured Trump making lewd comments about another failed pick-up attempt.

On the recording, Trump can be overheard telling Access Hollywood host Billy Bush women let him do as he pleases because he's famous.

"When you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything - grab them by the p****, you can do anything," he said.

Later, he made light of the comments, labelling them "locker room banter".