Broadcaster Toni Street has tonight put a lid on a feud with Boy George.

The popular Seven Sharp co-host came under repeated attack from the Culture Club singer, first after he walked out of their Seven Sharp interview last night, and again when he began hurling insults in a series of Twitter post.

The Do You Really Want to Hurt Me singer said Street had zero charm and likened her voice to that of a "broken drill" after becoming upset at her question about his 2009 conviction for assault and falsely imprisoning a male escort.

Back in her Seven Sharp seat tonight, Street responded when co-host Tim Wilson asked if she wanted to talk about being "flamed" on Twitter by the singer.


"To be honest, I've become quite thick-skinned from working in this industry now for over 10 years and you get that almost on a daily basis, this on a little more of a public scale," she said.

"I'm not going to get into a public slanging match because ... I don't think anyone wins when you do that, so it's a little bit sad and disappointing because I still stick by the fact I thought my question was really fair, I wasn't aggressive and I think any other journalist in that situation would've done the same thing. So, end of story."

Wilson described Street's response as "dignified silence", before readying his own tirade against Boy George.

"There you go, dignified silence. Me on the other hand - now look here, Boy George," he said, before being stopped by Street.

George, who is due to perform here with his group next month, took off his microphone during the Seven Sharp interview after Street's question.

"You know what, why don't you move on to something more helpful, you know what I mean?" he exclaimed. "In fact, you know what ... thank you," he said, removing his ear piece and walking off.

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Culture Club's Christchurch show was later cancelled due to "schedule changes," but George has been granted a visa for the group's Auckland show on December 4.

This morning, George took to Twitter to hurl insults at Street, one of TVNZ's most popular and long-serving presenters, who he said had a voice "like a broken drill".

"She was just a whiny voice down the line, I couldn't see her and she had zero charm. We never have to speak again," he wrote in one tweet.

"Like so many journalists, she is misinformed. I've always said nothing. Why would I discuss anything important with a total stranger?" he said in another.

And in a third, he wrote: "Just watched the NZ interview. It's full of misinformation. The film shows my brother. I look great! She has a voice like a broken drill."

George also used Twitter to say the Christchurch show was cancelled because there "wasn't enough love".

Street didn't respond to Herald requests for comment, but was quickly defended by one of her TVNZ co-stars.

Street told viewers after the interview aired that she was "shocked" by George's reaction.

"I was genuinely shocked when that happened, because we had had such a good interview up until that point," she said.

"There was nothing that led me to believe that he was even remotely uncomfortable talking about it, and because we'd talked about the immigration issues we felt like it was relevant. It was a real shame because he was very likeable."

Street said she simply wanted George's reaction to his controversial selection as a mentor on talent show The Voice.

"There was controversy earlier this year when Boy George's victim from his criminal conviction slammed the BBC for taking him on as a mentor for The Voice," Street said.

"I just wanted to get Boy George's reaction to that. My exact words were 'how did you cope with that?'