Kiwi comedian and actor Jemaine Clement is starring in Disney's newest movie, Moana - and it turns out he's got a few things in common with his character.

"I play a giant magical hermit crab called Tamatoa who loves shiny things, trinkets, goblets, gold, gems. His obsession has driven him to madness," he says.

"He's kind of a real collector of things. It was a real stretch for me as far as acting is concerned."

In the video interview, hosted by The Independent, Clement then starts trying to prove exactly how much like his character he is.


He says: "Do you mind if I ask you a question ... can I have one of those cookies there?"

In typical comedic Clement fashion, he then starts stuffing his pockets full of cookies.

When asked what it's like working for Disney, he says they are very generous and give him gifts all the time.

He grabs a nearby gift labelled for 'Dwayne Johnson" and says: "Like this free gift basket ... oops they spelt my name wrong," he says, ripping off the name tag.