'Real men ...'

Tony writes: "Out on my Sunday ride this morning, minding my own business, pedalling through Green Bay in the sunshine and I hear a young man yell at me from his car: "Real men ride women!" Brilliant. Even the narcissistic, attention-seeking Max would not repeat his silly mistake. Not after a telling-off from Dad. I gave the anonymous young man two out of ten for his effort - at least I trust that is how he interpreted my gesture. I pedalled on up the hill to Titirangi, contemplating the most offensive thing I could paint on the side of this Einstein's car (yes, if you are reading this, I did get your rego number, and no, I realise you are not actually called Einstein). I settled on the words ' creative genius'. I'll probably put his name forward for a Nobel prize."

Carrot-hoarding suspect

A Taiwanese man has been arrested on suspicion of hoarding 300 tonnes of carrots in an attempt to manipulate prices. Investigators in Kaohsiung found carrots grown in Taiwan at a cold storage warehouse. They have been investigating high fruit and vegetable prices since Typhoon Meranti battered the country last month. "The typhoons passed quite some time ago, but prices of vegetables, fruit and other agricultural products have yet to fall," they said in a statement. "We suspect it is due to manipulation, affecting the interests of the people." The alleged carrot hoarder, a produce vendor, denied the accusations, saying every year he buys about 1,500 tonnes of carrots to be sold throughout the year and described the remaining 300 tonnes as a small amount that should not be considered hoarding. (Via The Guardian)

Jones can tell you how to get a ride home

Before becoming a police officer Jeremy Weiss spent a few months working emergency dispatch. "Call comes in, there's an individual lying in the middle of the street in front of [a local] Liquor Store. My supervisor sees my befuddled expression and asks what's wrong. I tell her about the call to which she replies "Oh that's just Jones." She proceeds to tell me that this guy will walk 3 kilometres to the liquor store, buy a few things and then lie in the road. When someone stops to check on him, he will ask them for a ride home. I still remember how amazed I was by this. Over the years I worked in that department I ended up dealing with Jones on many occasions. When I would tell him to get out of the street he'd always ask me for a ride home, too."

Not keeping it real

"Our family were walking the track circumnavigating Matiu/Somes Island in Wellington harbour," writes Jill. "Keeping a lookout for tuatara which had been released there. Suddenly our keenest photographer saw one by the track edge, sunning itself on a rock! We all froze and watched with bated breath as she crept closer,camera poised for that close encounter...with a concrete replica!"


Picture this:


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