Alan Morrison and Rowan Bettjeman present the most awkward television moments of the week.

Paul Henry got himself into a tongue-twisting mess during his breakfast show this week - and he never recovered.

Henry, who has been off-air for the past two days while looking after his mother Olive in hospital, was trying to dispense travel advice to listeners when things got a little awkward.

"Funny thing with Egypt Air though ... if I can tell you this ... if you're planning a trip .... ahead of a long weekend if you haven't worked out something to do yet ... my recommendation is if you're going to Egypt, you fly Air New Zealand to Singapore but you always get Egypt Air to Cairo because ...

He trailed off and realised he'd mucked up his story: "No, not to Cairo, no not if you're going to Egypt ... "


Despite groans from his news team and his producer, Henry refused to stop.

"This story is really ... no, I'm not going to pull out, I'm in too deep."

Other highlights of this week on television include a weird live cross to some turtles on a table, some awkward banter about "training" a wife, and humans barking like dogs.

Watch the episode below: