Shouting, swearing, waving her fist and climbing on top of a car - is that really Anika Moa getting amongst some road rage?

It is - sort of.

Moa, the host of chat show All Talk With Anika Moa on Maori Television, surprised her latest guest, comedian Urzila Carlson, by showing her footage of a mock road rage incident.

Carlson, who hosts the traffic show Road Madness, was asked by Moa during last night's episode to give her opinion on "a really shocking driver".


"Whenever there's a big car and a hand gesture, you know it will 100 per cent escalate," Carlson joked as the footage, filmed in a Pt Chev car park, started.

As the road rage incident escalated, it was then revealed it was Moa in the clip, who jumped out of her car, swore, waved her fist and jumped angrily on the bonnet of a fellow driver.

During the episode, Carlson also admitted she had been trolled by Donald Trump supporters after mocking him on social media.

Moa also interviewed singing group The Koi Boys, who admitted their original band name was 'Root'.

All Talk With Anika Moa screens on Maori Television on Thursdays at 9.30pm.

Watch the clip below (warning: contains offensive language):