"My husband and I were visiting the Wright Water Gardens  near Patumahoe," writes Sue Lawson. "We wanted to walk on this boardwalk, but couldn't because we needed four more people!" See full image here.

Immigration paranoia?

The reason most Britons who voted Leave in the June referendum were doing so because of immigration. This is according to a survey for ITN which found concern about immigration outranked other stated motivations, such as EU corruption, red tape, bailing out countries such as Greece or Portugal and greater trade options. The top reason was "we can set our own immigration policy". Forty-eight per cent of voters chose this. The second most cited reason was so that the UK can make its own laws (25 per cent). The least selected reason was that leaving the EU would be the only way to avoid the UK eventually joining the euro while opening up new trade routes was also low down on the list. (Source: The Independent)

Mum in the bin during charity raid

A reader writes: "One of our daughters was invited to a Dress-up Hard-up party and decided to raid one of the clothing bins in our town late at night. So with her two young teenage daughters watching out for her she climbed into the bin with a torch to have a search for something appropriate. Along came Mr Plod and his off-sider 'ello, 'ello ' ello. What we got here'. The granddaughters scarpered leaving their mother inside the bin with the torch turned off. But the cops poked their own torch into the bin and asked: 'What might you be doing in there?' She explained and was duly helped back out through the deposit chute and eventually was sent on her way with a stern reprimand."

Signs of the times

"This sort of comment annoys me," writes Daryl. "Paul is intimating people who make these signs are stupid when clearly one of the hoardings is behind the other [hence the letters 'u' and 'n' have vanished], just look at the 'A' in 'Strapping', the same thing is happening there. This probably came about because one of the fantastic players Paul supports has crashed through the hoarding scoring a try. Glaring error? Sorry Paul, the only error here is your belief hard working Kiwis could stuff this up so badly. I'm not a 'Caterbury' supporter but I back them on this one."


Picture this:

Dad makes kid's drawings into real life images, without losing any of their charm.

Money, money, money...

You might be owed some by the IRD. Check if your name, or anyone you know, is on

of the taxman's unclaimed loot.

Video: The closest you'll get to the Arctic, probably.

Video: US Soft drink company, Jarritos, has a new ad which takes a stand politically focusing on the experiences of Mexican immigrants crossing the border into the US, alongside archival footage to tell the stories of European immigrants landing on American shores for the first time.

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