The Last Guardian

has gone gold after nearly a decade of development, according to staff at Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Producer Jun Yoshino tweeted on the weekend that the team had "gone gold. Whaddup," indicating the release build of the game was complete.

Though Yoshino quickly deleted the tweet, SIE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida confirmed the news via his own Twitter account:


Given the long-awaited adventure game's long history of delays (including one final delay to December), the news will come as a relief - both to fans, who have been waiting since the game's reveal in 2009, and its developers, who have been working on it since 2007.

In those years, it saw a platform change from PS3 to PS4; a long production hiatus; and several false alarms regarding production restarts.

The Last Guardian releases December 7th for PlayStation 4.