William Barnes, the winner of Mastermind New Zealand, has listed the famous chair on Trade Me in support of the Samuel Gibson Memorial Trust.

Mr Gibson, who suffered from brittle bone disease, died this year after falling out of his chair at the Air New Zealand Hawke's Bay Marathon while he was raising money for a boy with a similar condition.

Mr Barnes said he was a huge admirer of Mr Gibson and wanted to keep the Bay adventurer's legacy going.

"He was such an excellent person and I was influenced by his positive attitude and gratitude towards his upbringing and life."


The starting bid for the chair was $6000 and Mr Barnes said he has already had a lot of interest and one keen potential bidder.

"I hope it is a success as it is for such a wonderful cause. It really troubles me to see people with disabilities who are at risk of dying every day especially when you compare it to your own situation."

He said the chair was a piece of New Zealand television history and people might even get some "brainy vibes" from sitting in the chair if they won the auction.

"It could give people that extra fight or determination they might need whether at work or at home."

The Mastermind chair will be on Trade Me until Thursday, November 3 and the money will be presented to the trust at a fundraising dinner held at Craggy Range Winery on Friday November 11.

Trustee Hamish McBeth said the trust was introduced to capture the energy and philosophy of Mr Gibson so it could continue to contribute to those who needed help.

"We had a lot of momentum and it was really cool that we were able to finish what Sam had started," Mr McBeth said.

A relay from Hawera to Havelock North, by Lisa Tamati, Haisley O'Leary and Neil Wagstaff, was also being run next month in support of the trust.

The trio will arrive in Havelock North in time for the fundraising dinner and all proceeds from the evening will be donated to the trust.

* Check out the auction here.