Taylor Swift had a small win on Friday when a judge ruled to keep the photo of her allegedly being groped sealed in evidence.

Despite the photo staying under wraps until the lawsuit goes to trial, the motion to also keep the court documents sealed was denied.

The documents include Swift's deposition detailing how the DJ "took his hand and put it up my dress and grabbed onto my ass cheek and no matter how much I scooted over it was still there."

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The Blank Space singer added the fact that her attempts to move away from his hand only cemented the fact "it wasn't an accident. It was completely intentional."

She goes on to describe how upsetting the situation was for her saying she was "frantic, distressed, feeling violated in a way I had never experienced before."

"A meet-and-greet is supposed to be a situation where you're thanking people for coming, you're supposed to be welcoming people into your home, which is the arena for that day, and for someone to violate that hospitality in that way, I was completely stunned."

A Colorado judge ruled in favour of Swift wanting the photo to be kept from the public until the case goes to trial.

The singer's lawyer said, "It is all but assured that the photograph will be shared for scandalous and prurient interests - reasons that have nothing to do with the public's interest in the Court's decision making."

The Bad Blood singer's lawsuit is against a DJ named David Meuller who lost his job as a radio host after Swift said he groped her at a concert meet and greet in 2013.

Meuller sued for defamation last year claiming Swift falsely accused him and because of her public accusation he lost his job.

Less than a month later Swift filed a countersuit and is attempting to win the case before it goes to trial which would mean the "scandalous" photo would be made available to the public.

The singer has also previously said any retribution awarded to her will go to charitable organisations that work to protect women from sexual assault.

Although Meuller completely denies the assault ever took place, Swift said in her deposition she's "never been so sure of anything in my life."

After almost a year away from the stage, the country singer returned with a vengeance to perform at Saturday night's Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas.

In a surprising and possibly shady move, Swift also performed Rihanna and ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris' hit This Is What You Came For after news broke she helped write the song.

Major shade just thrown at Calvin at her show tonight! Plus she killed it! #taylorswift #F1weekend

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Before she sung the hit, Swift tells the crowd "As a songwriter, the most rewarding feeling in the world is writing something and then having a crowd sing it back to you, because they know the words. It's the coolest thing in the world. And I've never played this song live before, but if you know it, sing along."