Actor Kyle MacLachlan is maintaining the air of mystery about the coming third series of the cult TV drama Twin Peaks, 25 years on from the second.

He has been in Cannes, France, at the MIPCOM entertainment fair and conference to promote the show.

He was happy to talk about his enthusiasm for the show but not where it goes after the mystery ending in the second series' finale.

The bare details are that the new series has just finished filming; it will air in 2017 on Showtime in the US and is directed by David Lynch. It will distributed globally by CBS Studios international.


Lynch wrote and was executive producer of the show with fellow series creator Mark Frost.

The latest series starts 25 years after the Twin Peaks homecoming queen, Laura Palmer, was brutally murdered.

And that is about all that is known of the plot so far.

So we still have the key question of the show: "Who killed Laura Palmer?"

MacLachlan said he was "excited, pleased and grateful" to be back on the set of Twin Peaks after the 25-year gap.

"It was thrilling not only to revisit the character of Dale Cooper, but also to have the chance to work with people that, in many cases, I hadn't seen for 25 years," he told the MIPCOM News, the official daily magazine for the trade fair.

"I went to work every day on the new series with a tremendous amount of excitement and gratitude - not only to be working, but to be working with my friend David Lynch, which is always very special."

MacLachlan said Cooper was one of the most complex and interesting characters he had played.

"There are so many facets about him that are unexpected: his oblique sense of humour, his fascination with the minutiae of life, his observation skills ... It's all part of what makes him such a good investigator, but I think he's a cut above that. He operates on another level of perception."

MacLachlan said what he remembered most clearly from the first series of Twin Peaks was "the unexpected and explosive public response.

"The way people instantly embraced the show was completely unexpected. It was a wonderful experience."