Love conquers all

What men and women want in heterosexual marriage has changed, thankfully. Our World in Data shows romantic idealism has done its job over the last 70 years with "mutual attraction " love" rising from fourth (women) and fifth (men) most important in 1939 to first place in 2008. For men and women, education and intelligence gained in importance, as did sociability and good looks. The modern man also placed more importance on their spouse wanting children. As expected, modern men and women place little importance on chastity which with both sexes went from being in 10th place to last.

Heralding bird's arrival

"Having a day at home last week, I was finding it difficult to have some time out due to the demands of my dog, cat, galah and two cockatiels," writes Martha-Louise Asmus of Parnell. "Then I realised my NZ Herald could be used as a screen to enjoy a quiet read. All was well until Theodora the galah decided she wanted some attention and made her abrupt entrance."

Good golly, track my brolly

"I'm looking for my red and black Blunt umbrella, full size with a 'tile' tracker," writes Jonathan. "Last seen on Dominion Rd, corner Balmoral Rd. Tracked it down to one of three restaurants. There, when I explained I'm in range and can locate the umbrella, I got puzzled looks. No idea what a Blunt umbrella is, or that some include a tracking device so you can find it if you leave it somewhere. The umbrella was a gift and I would appreciate it if anyone can find it and return. I will offer a cash reward. I've marked it as lost if there are any 'tile app' users out there who would like a chance to test the technology."

Marketing success

A reader writes: "I walked into a certain large, brightly coloured hardware store yesterday. A mother in front of me was leading a toddler by the hand. As he saw the logo at the entrance to the shop, he pointed and sang out, 'Bring on the weekend!' The company should know that the fortune they likely spend on advertising is well spent if it is instantly recognisable to a 2-year-old! The ad agency should also give themselves a pat on the back: mission accomplished."


Sure to rile

Nola Coleman, who describes herself as "a Cantabrian", was a little put out that our reader Lyndsay Cowrie claimed Dunedin was the home of Edmonds. She writes: "Thomas Edmonds began his cookery business in Lyttleton and moved to Woolston, Christchurch, where the Edmonds Sure to Rise garden is still today."

Picture this 1: Intergenerational truth ...(NSFW language)

Picture this 2: Filmaker's drone captures this shot of newlyweds on a Rooftop. What a perfect wedding picture...

Video: Please, please, please let me get what I want...

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