As the world recovers from the shock of news of the Brangelina split, it seems the two may be getting some help from an old mate of Pitt's.

According to RadarOnline, Gwyneth Paltrow - the queen of "conscious-uncoupling" - wants to assist the two in their reportedly acrimonious bust-up. (Paltrow, of course, dated Pitt from 1994 until 1997.)

Paltrow is apparently hoping to serve as a "mediator" between the two, given she had such an amicable split from Coldplay frontman Chris Martin back in 2014.

"She's egotistical enough to think he'll want her advice about consciously uncoupling from Angelina," a source told RadarOnline.


"It's a goodwill gesture on her part," it was added.

Paltrow is said to have stayed friendly with Pitt after their split, while she appeared alongside Jolie in the 2004 scifi film Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow.

Paltrow, though, may have her work cut out for her as sources say there is a lot of "bad blood" between the two superstars.

According to UsWeekly, Jolie is "seething" as she plots her exit from her two year marriage to Pitt. It was added that something Pitt did made her "very pissed off".

Jolie has reportedly been holed up in a Malibu mansion with all six children: Maddox, 15, Pax, 12, Zahara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and eight-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox.

Meanwhile, the publication reported that Pitt is "frustrated".

"Brad just wants to work through everything and get to a place where there can be some certainty about what's going on," a source told the magazine. "The kids are the only thing he's hanging on to."

Paltrow is said to have stayed friendly with Pitt after their split. Photo / AP
Paltrow is said to have stayed friendly with Pitt after their split. Photo / AP

That means Pitt has no plans to reconcile with Jolie.

As far as making her look bad, the source said that will not happen.

"There is so much stuff on Angelina but Brad just doesn't want to go there. He told his
team he doesn't want to play dirty," the source claimed.

There was no hint as to what that "stuff" could be.

As far as his "stuff", a source said Pitt had reportedly "nothing to hide on the drug front".

A source also told the magazine the Department Of Children And Family Services has made suggestions to the couple about what to change.

They were called in September by an anonymous tipster after an alleged fight that involved Pitt, Jolie and Maddox aboard a private jet that was heading from France to California, according to TMZ.

The next step in the split is for the two to agree on a long-term custody arrangement. They have a temporary once in place until October 20.

"The hope is that this period of time will lead them to being able to resolve things without the involvement of the courts," a source claimed.