Kristen Stewart only takes five minutes to decide if she wants to take on a movie role.

The 26-year-old actress says she knows pretty quickly if she wants to play a certain character or not.

Speaking at a press conference to promote her film Certain Woman, she said: "I typically don't have to spend more than five minutes in a room with someone to know if I want to explore something with them ...

"I've worked recently with a lot of people I've grown up loving, which is a great thing, and I'm super lucky. It's super conducive to making good st, because I think I have pretty good taste! There's no formula - that's so not how you're ever gonna make anything worthwhile."


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Meanwhile, the Equals star previously admitted she "never" learns her lines.

She said: "I never know my f***in' lines. Even in Woody Allen movies, I don't know my lines. I learn them quickly if it's necessary, but typically, I just think it's better if I find it or say something slightly different. If you've put in the groundwork properly, it works, and it's easier if you're playing somebody close to you.

"On the Woody Allen movie [Café Society], it was more difficult because I'm playing this girl who's just the opposite of me - the most buoyant, lovely, little person - but once I found her, we could totally improvise within the rhetoric of his movies, which is crazy because he's so particular. All I'm saying is, learning lines gets in my way, but conversely, if you don't know them, you flounder. It's a balance."

- Bang! Showbiz